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Posted by Matthias Schlimm on Nov 28, 2017 10:59:26 AM

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The Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) is the perfect way to seal your Base Image. Whatever your environment has run Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop with PVS or MCS, Citrix AppLayering, VMware Horizon View, you must prepare your Base Image before you can distribute this Image to multiple devices. If you install your Base Image from scratch or update them with new software, for the sealing process of your Base Image run this framework (preparation), it makes it also unique if you're booting up your cloned device (personalization)

  • For each 3rd Party Tool you can specify a custom path in the ADMX
  • IF Citrix Optimizer (CTXO) or VMware OS Optimization Tool (vmOSOT) is executed and configured with the ADMX, opimizations as describes here are not executed
  • .NET Optimization can be enabled/disable in ADMX
  • P2PVS Tool P2PVS or ImagingWizard can be selected in ADMX
  • vDisk Extension vhd or vhdx can be selected in ADMX
  • specify the Name for the spool and Eventlog Folder in ADMX
  • Custom UNC Path for PVS vDisk can be entered in ADMX
  • Citrix AppLayering: The Layer will be detected and control the service like WSUS in OS-Layer only
  • Offline Defrag of the PVS vDisk on the custom UNC-Path
  • Detect UEFI or Legacy BIOS to select the right commandline Switches for P2PVS/ImagingWizard
  • IF BIS-F is starting remotly, the right POSH Version from the remote Session will be detected
  • Ivanti Automation: Stop the Service can be controlled in ADMX
  • BIS-F Preparation waiting for the personalization if finished before continue
  • Redirect all Windows Eventlogs to the PVS WriteCacheDisk
  • Clear all Windows EventLogs during preparation
  • Citrix Desktop Service Delay can be controlled in ADMX
  • Custom Arguments for P2PVS / ImagingWizard can be enabled and configured in ADMX
  • Log Retention Period can be configured in ADMX
  • Ghost Devices can be controlled and configured to remove in ADMX
  • Support for PrinterLogic PrinterInstaller Client
  • BIS-F personalization can be controlled and skipped in ADMX
  • Support for F-Secure Anti-Virus
  • VMware OS Optimization Tool, specify template to use in ADMX
  • Support for Citrix Optimizer (CTXO)
  • Trend Micro OfficeScan: OfficeScan (OSCE) Agent or WFBS-SVC (Worry-Free Business Security Services icon will be removed in the system tray. Updated ini file and delete run value as per
  • Support for Windows Defender
  • Office and Operating System Rearm State will be logged in BIS-F log
  • With BIS-F uninstaller, the BIS-F schedule Task will be removed also

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