Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.0.0 BETA available

Posted by Matthias Schlimm on Jan 30, 2017 12:05:29 PM

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Many new enhancements, functionalities and bugfixes (see the complete list below), but I will give you a short introduction of them:

  • Windows 10 and 2016 Optimizations
  • detection and preparation:

o   uberAgent

o   Sophos AntiVirus

o   RES Workspace Manager

o   RES Automation Manager

o   RES Service Store

o   Office 2016

o   McAfee 5.x Agent

o   Citrix Workspace Environment Agent

o   AppSense Agent


  • Citrix PVS VHDX Support
  • Central LogShare for personalization scripts and keep the 5 last logs
  • If No Citrix PVS Target Device Driver, Citrix VDA or VMware View Agent are detected, BIS-F can run a simple sysprep.
  • …. and many more

Note: BIS-F 6.0.0 do not deliver any 3rd party tools like sdelete, nvpsbind, ccleaner, cmtrace, vietool, delprof, VMware OS Optimization Tool, this must be installed on your Base Image on C:\windows\system32, C:\Program Files (86), C:\Program Files and their subfolders.

BISF 6.0 BETA exe.jpgWith BIS-F 6.0.0 we have created a installation setup, that can be installed with /SILENT for full automation. After the installation you can add your own custom scripts in the custom folder of BIS-F, there files are kept during update of BIS-F with the installer.

The CLI Parameters for fully automation of BIS-F are no longer available, that are now integrated in a simple ADMX that installed with the setup. You can configure your BIS-F sealing process with the group policy. In the Beta Version the CLI Command are working, but latest in the official release (end of Q1/2017) it would be removed, exclude the verbose and debug command.

BISF 6.0 BETA settings.jpg

You can Download the BIS-F 6.0.0 Beta from here

The Production Release BIS-F 5.1.2 can be getting here

Please send me your feedback or additional information’s about the Beta Version

Release Notes - Version 6.0.0 Beta:

26.01.2017 MS: Add ADMX for BISF to configure all silent commands with Group Policies, it's recommended for BIS-F Updates and central Configuration. CLI Commands are currently included but at later time removed

25.01.2017 MS: exclude cleanmgr.exe - currently buggy - restart needed

24.01.2017 MS: VMware OS Optimization Tool limit searchfolders to "C:\Program Files","C:\Program Files (x86)","C:\Windows\system32" and their subfolders

24.01.2017 MS: RES Workspace Manager and AutomationManager: In Citrix PVS if an alternate DBCache Path is already configured, BIS-F does not configured anymore

18.01.2017 MS: Bugfix 127; MSMQ QMId not unique, fixed with new script from Citrix -

12.01.2017 MS: If the Citrix PVS Target Device Driver is detected and no vDisk is assigned (DiskMode = Unmanaged), BIS-F exit script on start-up with an error message

11.01.2017 MS: Feature Request 133; Creating Installer for Base Image Script Framework, you can use /silent command to easily install from command line

11.01.2017 MS: Feature Request 134; Prepare RES One Workspace Management, RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Service Store Software for Image Management Software, Thanks to Company RES Germany: Oliver Lomberg & Nina Metz for additional enhancements informations  to create this script

10.01.2017 MS: Feature Request 121; Added CLI command 'AppVPckRemoval YES | NO 'or message box to delete PreCached App-V Packages

10.01.2017 MS: Bug fix 134; PrepareWriteCacheDisk: Add space on either side of the Driveletter variable $searvol, thx to Jeremy Saunders

10.01.2017 MS: Bug fix 134; PrepareWriteCacheDisk: MBR disk with 8 characters to get the right uniqueID from Diskpart only, PVS does not support GPT disk, see thx to Jeremy Saunders

10.01.2017 MS: Review 140; Added CLI command 'XAImagePrepRemoval YES | NO' or MessageBox during Prepare XenApp for Provisioning/Image Management you can choose RemoveCurrentServer and ClearLocalDatabaseInformation, this would be set with this Parameter or prompted to administrator

10.01.2017 JP/MS: Feature 139; Added McAfee 5.X Agent Support

09.01.2017 MS: Feature 137; Added Sophos preparation and personalization for Image Management, thx to Marco Zimmermann, Tim Franken and Mark Bos

09.01.2017 MS: Feature 137; Added UberAgent preparation, thx to Marco Zimmermann

09.01.2017 MS: Review 126; MCS only: IF Diskmode is set to "MCSPrivate" no personalization is running

09.01.2017 MS: Bug fix 135; IF PVS Target Device Driver is installed, spool and EventLogs like Application, System, Security and XA LicenseFile would be redirected to WriteCacheDisk, otherwise leave it the original path

08.12.2016 MS: Test-PVS Driveletter running on preparation state only

07.12.2016 MS: Migrated BISF Registry Items to a new location

07.12.2016 MS: Added Office 2016 KMS support

06.12.2016 MS: Feature 129: Added Citrix Workspace Environment Manager Agent (WEM) support

05.12.2016 MS: Added defrag support for Windows 10.X

05.12.2016 MS: Bug fix; Defrag does not identify the right driveletter of the vDisk after P2PVS if the drivelabel is empty

05.12.2016 MS: Issue  114; Variables must be cleared after each step, to not store the value in the variable and use them in the next $prepCommand or $PostCommand

05.12.2016 MS: Added VHDX support for Citrix PVS

11.11.2016 MS: Create-BISFTask running in its own function

10.11.2016 MS: Post-Sysprep: Added check for Windows 10 for running after sysprep actions

10.11.2016 MS: 3rd party tools like sdelete, ccleaner, nvpsbind, vietool would not longer be distributed by BIS-F, customer must have them in their environment installed

10.11.2016 MS: Added Pre-Commands for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

10.11.2016 MS: Set-QMID would never be processed, wrong syntax in IF (($returnTestXDSoftware -eq "true") -or ($returnTestPVSSoftware -eq "true"))

10.11.2016 MS: Fixed typo in Line 76, thx to Mikhail Zuskov -> Write-BISFLog -Msg "Error changing access for NetworkService on the folder `"$LIC_BISF_CtxCache`". The output of the action is: $result" -Type W -SubMsg

09.11.2016 MS: Added preparation for Altiris Inventory Agent

29.10.2016 MS: After successful sysprep, computer shutdown would be performed only, if not supressed by CLI command

28.10.2016 MS: If NoVirtualDisk is detected, the Drive for Defrag if used would be set to SystemDrive

28.10.2016 MS: Bug fix Sysprep is not running in earlier BIS-F Version. Adding error handling, checking setuperr.log for errors and from postCommands

28.10.2016 MS: Enhanced the defrag to run on NoVirtualDisk, previous Version PVS BaseDisk only

04.10.2016 MS: Global Re-Design of the folder structure, removed Custom folder and put them in the Personalization and Preparation folder, custom scripts are now placed in this folder only for future scripts only, they don't touch during updates of BIS-F

17.06.2016 BR: RDS TimeBob Added Filter for Operating System type, running on member server, not specified on W0212 only

25.04.2016 BR: Updated SEP preparation Script

24.03.2016 MS: Modiy BIS-F scheduled task if it already exist, thx to Valentino Pemoni

23.03.2016 MS: Kaspersky AntiVirus Fix: Added -Recurse to search for files

23.03.2016 MS: Extended CLI command, you can now use -LogShare NO if you prefer not to use a central LogShare

22.03.2016 MS: Changed SDelete to run on the WriteCacheDisk on PVS Target Devices only

22.03.2016 MS: Added AppSense Support

17.03.2016 MS: Added Delprof support

17.03.2016 MS: Added support

15.03.2016 BR: Added function Invoke_BISFLogRotate to Cleanup Logfiles and keep only a configured value of files

15.03.2016 MS: Issue; Get duplicate AdapterGUID back, instead unique of each adapter

15.03.2016 BR: Issue; Syntax error Invoke-BISFService: Set-Service -Name $svc.Name -StartupType $StartType | Out-Null

15.03.2016 MS: Issue; Give wrong variable back, switch RO and RW (function Invoke-BISFService)

10.03.2016 MS: Added CLI-commands to the BISF-Log

10.03.2016 MS: Added CLI Switch DisableConsoleCheck to disable the check of the console session

10.03.2016 MS: Issue 111 - Added nvspbind.exe to unbind IPV6 from AdapterGuid

04.03.2016 MS: Issue; Heavy bug in function Invoke-BISFService, services would not started if needed

04.03.2016 MS: Issue; Fixed issue SCOM service would be start on every Image Mode if installed

03.03.2016 MS: Issue 113; AppVClient Cache did not resolve to the correct service status, thx to @valentinop

03.03.2016 MS: Added DebugMode for developer

02.03.2016 MS: Check PVS DiskMode at Prerequisites, to get an Warning on startup if Disk is in ReadOnly Mode and exit script

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