App-V 4.6 Mainstream Support ENDING SOON

Posted by Brad Rowland on Feb 24, 2015 9:25:08 PM

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Earlier this week, App-V super-guru Tim Mangan published an article on confirming, warning and restating for the record that the End is Nigh for 4.6 support.

"If you are still running App-V 4.6, listen up. Maybe you wisely listened when I cautioned you to not immediately jump to App-V 5 when it was released two years ago.  And again six months later when SP1 was released.  But then maybe you didn’t take me seriously when Service Pack 2 came out and I said it was safe to start the switch to version 5.  But how did you miss what I said when SP3 came out in November?  So let me be very clear this time."

The end is Quite Nigh.  In fact, Mainstream Support will end in about 5 months, on July 14th, 2015.  The official dates from Microsoft are listed on their support page here.



If you need to start moving to App-V 5 you should read through Tim's article, where he outlines licensing considerations and other issues.  For more tips and pointers on App-V you can read some of his other blogs here on FSLogix, or on his own blog, Confessions of a Guru.


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