Amber Reef publishes Part 5 of Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI

Posted by Brad Rowland on Apr 8, 2015 10:12:06 AM

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Duncan Murdoch of Amber Reef (and author of the AR.c suite) has just released Part 5 in his series on Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI, including a cool video demo.

Like AppVolumes - But Different:

"Now before anyone jumps on me and starts to explain that the technologies underlying the solution in AD&M Part1 and AppVolumes (and any other layering/volumes based technology) are not really “Like”, I know… The title is a bit of fun. Why did I choose it?"


The earlier articles are summarized here.

Alternative Deployment and Management methods for non-persistent VDI, using App-V and FSLogix.  FSLogix can be used in this environment to help achieve 6 critical milestones with an existing implementation including; 

  1. Introduce no new infrastructure
  2. Deliver as many applications on App-V as possible
  3. Manage the applications on a per-user basis
  4. Enable DR capabiities for applications and users
  5. Keep to the principle of a Single Master Image for users and business areas
  6. Any Technologies introduced should be usable across multiple platforms


Topics: VDI, App-V, App Packaging, App Virtualization, non-persistent VDI

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