FSLogix Customer FAQ

FSLogix, Now a Part of Microsoft!

Deep Dive: Cláudio Rodrigues compares Microsoft UPD and FSLogix Profile/Office 365 Container

Configure FSLogix Office 365 Containers with Nutanix Files (AFS) - Better Together!

Office 365 and Profile Container now include FSLogix Cloud Cache technology with Azure Page Blob support!

Microsoft announces Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Using FSLogix Cloud Cache for Office 365 deployments

Time to finally get rid of those Outlook PST Files with Office 365, PST Migrator, and FSLogix

FSLogix Company News: Expanded Advisory Board and employee accolades

Clive Longbottom: MSPs need to think beyond physical security

FSLogix Profile Containers and PolicyPak - Better Together!

How to use Office 365 Containers with Microsoft UPD to roam OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, and Search on remote desktops

Expanding and sharing Cloud knowledge - by joining the VDILIKEAPRO and Parallels VIPP community programs

The Technology Landscape 2018

FSLogix Containers – Search Index Considerations and Troubleshooting

TMEdit for App-V – What and Why

What the Heck is a Unikernel?

Roaming Office 365 OST cache in physical desktop environments using FSLogix

Use OneDrive Client on RDSH or XenApp with FSLogix and PowerShell (IWC/ROW Building Block included)

FSLogix can take Amazon Workspaces to the next level

Is MSIX the future for App-V?

A new chapter in life – Why I joined FSLogix as Cloud Architect and Evangelist?

The Road to Windows 10 is Paved with Good Intentions

State of the EUC 2018 Survey Results

Using App-V for Legacy TLS

Office365 + FSLogix = Party Time

4 Cloud Security Challenges You Need to Address

Citrix announced Office 365 support in UPM/WEM. How does that affect you?

FSLogix takes home Best of Citrix Synergy 2018 New Technology and Best of Show Awards for Cloud Cache

Why we use Microsoft App-V

The Rise of Hybrid Cloud: Are You Ready?

Using FSLogix Profile Containers as a Workspace Repository

Citrix Director: What is it Good For?

Citrix App Layering and FSLogix: Better Together!

Introducing Cloud Cache

Episode 16 - vSphere 6.7, Satan Ransomware, RDS HTML5 Client, Master's Retreat & More

The case of the missing App-V files

Using FSLogix to Implement Scale Out File Server (SOFS) Backup Solution

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 14 - Up and Down Week for Microsoft Cloud, Cloudfare DNS Resolver, PowerShell Fun & More

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 13 - Nvidia Announcements, Teams MSI, WannaCry, Brian Madden Returns & More

Deployment Guide Video for FSLogix Profile Containers and Office 365 Containers

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 12 - Server 2019 Preview, RDP Attack, SetACL Anniversary, Gopher Merch & More

Registration is open for our product launch webinar on May 2!

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 11 - Patch Tuesday Warnings, macOS app QA Hiccup, Sophos Update Citrix VDA Issue & More

The Road To Hybrid Cloud

BYOD: Get Your MDM Off My Device

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 9 - Meltdown And Spectre Ending?, Microsoft Privacy Case, VMware Dell Merger & More

Right Place, Right Time, Right Team – Why I am so excited to expand my role at FSLogix

What haven't we seen in 2018

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 8 - Meltdown and Spectre Update, Horizon Cloud Windows 10 on Azure, Web Decentralisation & More

How to manage device-based licensing on XenApp and RDSH using FSLogix Apps

Say goodbye to CReg?

E2EVC: Cool things you didn't know you can do with FSLogix

FSLOGIX leads the race in Office 365 Non-Persistent Comparison Matrix

Gabe Knuth: Why I joined FSLogix

Ensure container monitoring and control via smart tooling

The Express Route to a hybrid Azure platform

FSLogix Sponsors Women in Technology Mentoring Program

5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 3 - Spectre and Meltdown Update, Apple Text Bomb Bug, Windows 10 v1709 Woes, Citrix Rebranding & More

Application Virtualization Smackdown Evolved

5 Bytes Podcast Episode 2

Application Packaging is Dying

Announcing PassiveInstall

The case of 100% Delivery via App-V

The Summit Series Teaser

Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017

OneDrive for Business in multi-user environments with simulated single sign-on

How to use FSLogix Office 365 Containers with Ivanti/RES ONE Workspace

How to mix FSLogix Office 365 Containers and Online Mode in non-persistent Citrix Environments

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 -  What's New

How to: Setup ADConnect and Add Domain in Azure

Sequencing AutoCad 2016/2017

How to host your FSLogix profiles and Office data in Amazon S3 storage

Microsoft: Resolving OneDrive for Business in non-persistent environments with FSLogix

Should the Best EUC Comedy Oscar go to CTP, Aaron Parker?

Kevin and Kevin at Microsoft Ignite 2017

Citrix UPM Profiles to FSLogix Profiles Conversion Powershell Script

App-V Decision Matrix v7

Put your Windows 10 deployments on AutoPilot

Microsoft Ignite 2017: Hunting down answers with Dr. Benny Tritsch

Project: Simplified Thin Client Management

App-V 1703 Virtual Registry and Containers?

Frontline Chatter Podcast: A catch-up with Kevin Goodman

Profile management – Part 3

Using FSLogix Office 365 Container for Outlook Search in Non-Persistent RDS Environments

Joining the FSLogix Partner Marketing Team

Life with the App-V AutoSequencer

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.1.0 TEST – Release

Microsoft: Significant Improvement Using FSLogix

RDS Gurus Benchmark and Analyze Outlook Performance in Non-Persistent Environments

DABCC Podcast - FSLogix: Solutions for the Digital Workspace, Office365, Citrix & VDI

XenApp Migration Survival Guide

Profile Management


FSLogix Profile Containers and Office 365 Containers Deployment Guide

Check-in complete – boarding pass issued

How to fix performance issues in VDI

Citrix in 2017: The Story So Far

Concurrent access to Office 365 Containers, VHDAccessMode Explained!

Citrix App Layering

Enabling Modern Authentication for Office

Team, Tech, Timing: Why I Became a Technical Evangelist for FSLogix

Benny Tritsch: Why I became an investor and team member of FSLogix

FSLogix Apps 2.8.4 - Skype for Business Global Address List and Device Based Licensing Enhancements

Citrix Issues: App-V Apps Using Local IE, Apps in StoreFront

Imaging Windows 10 and getting to one Golden Image

Presented a session at E2EVC in Orlando, Florida on RDS, ARM, JSON and stroopwafels!

How to configure Citrix Workspace Environment Management 4.3 for XenApp or XenDesktop, including NetScaler Broker Load Balancing

Top 5 ways Microsoft MVPs and MCSEs are Using Office 365 Containers

Technical Review: Deep Citrix Monitoring and Troubleshooting with Goliath

Tips for buying hyper-converged systems

WannaCry? Not really. A report from the 11th Eskenzi PR IT Analyst and CISO Forum

Open source for hybrid cloud success: Is it an open and shut case?

FSLogix at Citrix Synergy 2017 Orlando

FSLogix Office 365 Container saves the day - Install, Configure, and Test

Email security retrospection

How identity addresses the challenges of modern IT evolution

Determine IT operating costs to show the value of cloud migration

I got your OneDrive for Business Sync right here!

A Beginner’s Guide to XenApp and XenDesktop on Azure

Introducing The Learning Site @ TMurgent

1703 App-V Sequencer and Templates

Winning the Domain Game

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) – Version 6.0.0

How to Roam your OneDrive data with FSLogix, based on a non-persistent Citrix XenApp desktop

Videos are now Available for XenAppBlog's Virtual Expo March 2017

The new App-V AutoSequencer

Cloud-based roaming profiles in Azure using FSLogix Profile Containers

The focus on IoT in the arable food chain – and the worries around its use

Introducing FSLogix Apps Surveys

FSLogix Apps 2.8 - Roam XenApp Email Search and OneDrive

The key to application success? Usability…

App-V 5.1 Lifecycle

"I Break Things" - FSLogix 2017 Beta Tester T-shirt

Information management – when metadata is king

Running Office 365 in VMware Horizon? Why Insentra says "You need FSLogix"

Impact Of The IoT: From Farm To Fork

From ECM to EIM: the need for control

Raspberry Pi Zero W – $10 Citrix endpoint, maybe

Collaboration – Where AV And IT Meet?

Investing in FSLogix - VMblog sits down with President/Principal Architect, Steve Greenberg, of Thin Client Computing

Durable and circular for more a sustainable mobile device strategy

deviceTRUST version 16.4 is Citrix Ready Certified

Forget Intelligent Cities – How About A More Intelligent Planet?

Mobile Devices At Work – A More Sustainable Approach

Load Balancing For Security?

How to Roam OneDrive using FSLogix Office 365 Container

Resolving Cached Exchange Mode Problems in Stateless Virtual Workspace Sessions

Opinion: The Changing Landscape of Enterprise Application Management

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) 6.0.0 BETA available

No silver bullet for business IoT security

The Waiting is Over: Outlook Search on XenApp

Rorymon's Application Virtualization Smackdown 2016 Winners

How I sequence Java in App-V

Getting Started With Docker

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

The Internet of Everything – the need to manage external things

FSLogix Apps 2.7 - What's New & Why you should Upgrade

Top 4 Webinars of 2016

2016 EUC Industry Top Blogs on FSLogix

Future of the server operating system

The UK’s answer for Identity Governance and Admin

Dynamic License Management and Application Access Control for Virtual Sessions

Brian Madden: Why I became an investor in FSLogix

Why consumers need to care about the IoT

Context awareness is important for your business!

Beta Signup Opens Today - Support for Outlook Search in Citrix XenApp/RDSH

The shape of things to come – advanced networking security for the IoT

Tools I’ve used in my Ignite session

Office365 on a non-persistent Citrix Desktop? FSLogix does that for you!

My App-V 5.x Sequencing Guide

App-V Recipes on GitHub

Observations from Hitachi Strategy Session day

Securing FSLogix Profile and Office 365 Containers

Run Office 365 on Citrix - Microsoft Ignite On-Demand Session

Roaming Profiles - What works on the latest Windows Update?

FSLogix CMO, Brad Rowland, Honored as “Volunteer of the Year” at Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility

Onward and Upward - Potential Energy and GA Release of FSLogix Apps 2.6

Cellular rises as a driving force for SD-WAN adoption

The Future of Computing, 2016 Edition

Select the best configuration management tools for your company

Office 365: Planning, Implementing, and Optimizing on Virtual Desktops

Profile Container and Office 365 Container - Quick Start Guides

Things I Learned at VMworld in Las Vegas

Delivering Great User Experience for Office 365 with FSLogix

Java Version Control Quick Start Guide

RancherOS, A Docker Linux Distro Reaches V1.0

Application Masking Quick Start Guide

To Manage or not to Manage?

Getting Started with Sequencing

How do I get App-V?

Not set in concrete - tailoring IoT to the business

My Take on Microsoft’s Announcement to Retire Azure RemoteApp

Windows as a Service: Here now whether you like it or not!

What is App-V and how does it work?

I’m new to App-V, how do I get started?

Office 365 - How Difficult it is to Make it Look This Easy

There’s more to a container than, well, a container.

Is your Windows laptop/tablet feeling bloated?

Andy Milford Launches New RDS Resource Site

API Systems, receives not only one, but TWO Citrix Technology Advocate founding members

Tim Mangan: Thank you Brian, and Join us for the BriForum Boston Walking Tour

Get Remote Desktop Commander Lite for FREE

deviceTRUST - Dynamic Device Context Awareness

FSLogix Logon Improvement Metrics From uberAgent

Fare thee well, Brian Madden

Outlook in cached mode with non-persistent VDI seemed like a pipe dream until FSLogix came along.

IoT design, security and PKI

Why EU data protection will still apply to post-Brexit UK

FrontLine Chatter Podcast E29 with Kevin Goodman - Project Flux

From SQL to NoSQL - and back again

Come spy with me: drones and info-sec

FSLogix Profile Containers with a peak of what's ahead

Are Some XenApp Best Practices Still True?

PQR UEM Comparison White Paper Excerpt

IT Untethered – How Wireless is Changing the World

Make the Extraordinary Happen in Your Companies: Synergy 2016 Wrap Up and Announcements

NVIDIA GRID Hardware Chart

Microsoft Using Citrix XenDesktop to Deliver Remote Windows 10 Desktops from Azure

FSLogix at Citrix Synergy 2016 - Interview from VMBlog

Venetian/Palazzo Citrix Synergy - Inside Tips and Things You Did NOT Know Part 3: Food

Fix Office365 performance issues with FSLogix Office 365 Containers for Citrix!

Introducing FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix

The AppSense Bigot describes FSLogix as the last piece of the Office 365 Jigsaw Puzzle

Venetian/Palazzo Citrix Synergy - Inside Tips and Things You Did NOT Know Part 2: Inside the Property

Venetian/Palazzo Citrix Synergy - Inside Tips and Things You Did NOT Know Part 1: Checkin

Integrating IoT into the business

What can be done with that old data centre?

The Critical Next Step for Software Escrow

Return of the x8AD Script error in App-V


Advanced PowerShell: Tips and Techniques to Take Your PowerShell Programming to the Next Level

The Final Countdown: The last EMC World before Dell Technologies

Video from BriForum 2015 - VDI v2: So Good that Users Will Think They are Running on Physical Desktops

Navigating Vegas for Citrix Synergy 2016 - Inside Tips from a Former Professional Poker Player

Raspberry PI Zero - MVP?

Why I'm So Excited to Join FSLogix

The Challenges for Software Developers with Modern App Delivery

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service - CHECKLIST

Graphics Virtualization at NVIDIA GTC 2016

Thanks and Good Luck, Andy Boyle!

Email is not dying - and it can serve a very valuable purpose

The Collision Of The IoT And The IoE

Working with Centennial Preview App Converter

Citrix Workspace Cloud - What is it?

Support Forum and New Release

Advanced ShareFile Login Page Customisations

TOOL: FxR from App-V

The 'software defined mainframe' - smoke and mirrors, or reality?

IoT ThingSpeak Server on a Scaleway Arm Server with Docker

Are cloud users worrying about nothing when it comes to data sovereignty?

IoT Server Development with Meteor Kitchen and Cloud9

Register Your Drone - FAA Drone Registration Begins

Samsung IoT platform - wireless everything!

Simplifying meeting room management - the AV/IT challenge

Connected To The Mobile World, But Not To The Room?

App-V to be added to Windows 10

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) – Version 5.1.0

Cloud vs. Colocation: Why both make sense for the enterprise right now

Take care when reaping rewards of open source

Mobile Solutions - Browser or Native Apps?

European General Data Protection Regulation

Nigel Woods joins team FSLogix

New Video: Tim Mangan Explains Layers, Masks, and App-Virt

Turbocharge Your Virtual Workspace with FSLogix and Atlantis Computing

New Azure Region in Germany

I’m Converted: How I Convert Packages from App-V 4.x to 5.1

Sinisa Sokolic on FSLogix:  "How Cool is That?"

Internet of Things - are you ready for IPv6?

2015 Application Virtualization Smackdown

Today We Learn About Elevation, Integrity Levels, and UIAccess

Advanced Proof of Concept: Citrix Lifecycle Management Blueprint

Mobile - shifting from 'enabled' to 'optimised'

FSLogix – Faster, Simpler, Easier

FSLogix Apps for Citrix AppDisk Reference Architecture

The best desktop strategy: Forget the desktop

Putting your App-V Scripts directly into the .AppV 5.1 file

The case of the misnamed object

Video: Jarian Gibson Presenting FSLogix Apps at VirtG Boston

App-V and .Net Native Images Updated

FSLogix Advanced Rule Examples

GPU Announcements at VMworld

Free Tool: Automate Creation of FSLogix Rules for Your AppV Packages

Brian Madden: Podcast #109: 10 Year Anniversary, with guest Kevin Goodman

Customer Quality, Culture, and Competency - Why I Joined Team FSLogix

SenseConnector Videos

FSLogix Apps: Application and Single Image Management Video Podcast – DABCC TV #47

FSLogix and Per User File-Type Associations

Better2Gether - Amberreef & App-V Scheduler

FSLogix 2.0 - Simplicity Still Wins

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and App-V

AppVManifestEditor (AVME)

Login Consultants – Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) Version 5.0.2 now supports FSLogix

Graphics and Multimedia System Tools

The AppSense Bigot is "mighty impressed" by FSLogix Apps 2.0 on XenApp

BriForum 2015, Denver!

BrianMadden: FSLogix's new features are the features to beat

Podcast: Xenapp Blog - What is FSLogix?

Podcast: Kevin Goodman on Frontline Chatter

TheGlobalizer: Automatically making user targeted AppV work as Global

Managing your Azure RemoteApp application landscape using FSLogix Apps

Virtual App Runtime Debugging with Updated AppV_Manage 5

FSLogix Apps 2.0 review and demo from RoryMon

FSLogix on Azure review, Simplicity Still Wins, and 2015 Trends on BrianMadden

Embracing and Accepting Legacy Java Apps with Love and Happiness

After E2EVC is Before E2EVC

RDS and VDI News from Microsoft Ignite 2015

What are Brian Madden's Favorite New Products and other BriForum 2015 London updates

FSLogix selected as a Best of Citrix Synergy 2015 Award Winner

GOODBYE legacy profile management.

FSLogix Apps 2.0 Preview Video

My Sequencer Build Script

Is Layering the Future of User Profile Management

Sequencing AutoCAD 2015 Update

Coming Soon: Generate Package Documentation with AppV_Manage

What Does “Mobile First” Mean For Endpoint Management?

My Lab Toolbox: White Label Test Server

Wearable devices - now a reality for the workplace

Apps Needing PVAD

Unifyle is Verified as Citrix Ready

The Art of Measuring Remote End User Experience

AVDCG and AVSS Updates

Amber Reef publishes Part 5 of Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI

Unified Endpoint Management – Are We There Yet?

Amber Reef publishes 4 part article on Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI

Unifyle makes another friend

Redundant array of inexpensive 'things'

Enforcing Application Entitlement with FSLogix Apps

DABCC Podcast with FSLogix

DevOps and the IT platform

Add-ins, Add-ons, Plugins and Fonts

App-V 4.6 Mainstream Support ENDING SOON

Stepping up to the cloud

Download Your Free Copy of the 451 Research Impact Report on FSLogix

App-V Internet Explorer Add-on Conflict: Watch those Registry Keys

Is Consumerization of IT Believable?

Unifyle Extends Pre-Release Free Trial


Working with Files Should be Easy, Even on Tablets

App-V and .Net Performance

Video demo: Citrix NetScaler Java Fix

Preventing BYOD from Turning into BYOIT

The Virtualization Practice on the Logic of FSLogix

Two New Ways MSPs Are Decreasing Operating Costs

DABCC podcast with Douglas Brown and Randy Cook

Here Comes 1.5 and Other News

Java: Write Once, Silo Everywhere?

FSLogix Apps Makes Citrix Ready

My Synergy and E2EVC Highlights

Azure RemoteApp Preview at Microsoft TechEd

What’s New in App-V Manage 3.2

What about DATA? Unifyle guest blog

App-V 5 SP2 HotFix 4 is more than a hotfix

How’s your licence position?

Citrix BYOD Project Volume 1 – The Desktop

Tintri, XenDesktop, and FSLogix

My Favorite BriForum Moment

48 Cool Things to do with FSLogix Apps

IT control of Microsoft Office Add-ins

Replacing the Default Task Manager at the User Level

What next, MDOP?

FSLogix Apps 1.3 Now Available!

Managing a PC estate

Beta 1.3 completed - thank you!

Symantec SWV and FSLogix Apps Demo

The Top 3 Barriers to VDI

What AppDetective Wants AppDetective Gets

Application Virtualization Smackdown

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