Advanced PowerShell: Tips and Techniques to Take Your PowerShell Programming to the Next Level

Posted by Brandon Lee on May 10, 2016 2:42:42 PM



During this Virtualization Community NRW session, FSLogix CEO, Kevin Goodman, dishes out on his fundamental approach to PowerShell in Windows 10. Learn how Kevin is able to

  • Simplify his Windows Powershell ISE for creating UIs
  • Take full advantage of .NET and Windows APIs
  • Determine the proper utilization of WINFORMS vs WPF

Kevin recommends these three FREE Microsoft tools if you're going to be scripting in Windows 10.  

Click on the video image to see how else Kevin is able to create Complex UIs and manage Multiple Threads with PowerShell Jobs or WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

Topics: Powershell, .Net, Windows 10, VCNRW, WINFORMS, Job Objects, Windows API, Scripting, Visual Studio, Virtualization Community, PowerShell ISE, WPF

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