48 Cool Things to do with FSLogix Apps

Posted by Brad Rowland on Apr 23, 2014 1:12:05 PM

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I reserve the right to add more cool things to the list.


1.  Hide your bit coin wallet

2.  Control visibility of sensitive data files

3.  Fix application conflicts at a specific file and registry level

4.  Install full products and viewers (e.g. Visio and Visio Viewer) on the same machine and control visibility of these by user

5.  Allow visibility of different versions of applications for different users on the same system (e.g. QuickBooks 2007 and QuickBooks 2013)

6.  Ensure that only users who have a license for a product actually get access to that product

7.  Make a per-machine application work in a multi-user environment

8.  Make application settings unique for each user for applications that aren't designed that way (QuickBooks Pro)

9.  Control OS default settings by process (e.g. Chrome thinks it is the default browser whenever it runs)

10. Only give access to a data file to a particular application (e.g. only the keypass application can access the keypass data file)

11. Redirect existing applications to other preferred applications (e.g. when a user runs "Notepad.exe" start "Notepad++.exe)

12. Use file redirection to obviate the need to change ACLs for particular directories that should remain secure

13. Redirect file accesses to a network volume for better security of company data

14. Redirect file accesses to a network volume for seamless access from non-persistent computers or shared computers

15. Hide an installed application until user is trained for that app

16. Easily switch user between multiple versions of an application

17. Hide files and directories from specific users

18. True hiding of file and registry objects (not just a hiding attribute)

19. Control hiding of applications by computer, including services, etc.

20. Staged deployment of applications.  Deliver applications but keep them hidden.  Reveal the application when desired.

21. Retire an application by hiding it.  If user needs the application for any reason, reveal it without the pain of re-installation.

22. Disable unused background agents by user

23. Hide unnecessary browser toolbars by user

24. Improve Citrix and RDS session density

25. Improve application load times by removing unnecessary modules

26. Improve user experience by only showing relevant add-ins

27. Hide an application and any virtual printers that it installs

28. Control visibility of applications by Active Directory Users, Groups, and Containers

29. Deploy applications in the base image so that an application can be made available immediately instead of having to deploy over slow or unreliable networks

30. No new learning curve for application distribution and installation

31. Use the original application installation package as the developer intended

32. Easily control the visibility of application right click context menus

33. Control the visibility of applications in the Add/Remove section of Control Panel

34. Give Visio only to the users who need it without interfering with the rest of Office, saving money on Visio licenses.

35. Storing user settings on the network so that users can have their settings on any machine, like redirected folders but not limited to only redirecting shell folders.

36. Link the Adobe printer to only those users who get the full version of Adobe, so the users who only use the Adobe reader don’t have it interfering with their normal print processes (it’s common for the printer to default to the Adobe printer in roaming environments, which would be really frustrating for the users who don’t actually get Adobe).

37. Massively reduce the number of Windows gold images in your environment

38. Control access to admin tools and apps like Task Manager

39. Easily manage per-user application extensions like Office add-ins and browser plugins

40. Eliminate silos in your Citrix and RDS infrastructure

41. Achieve 100% success with app virtualization projects

42. Implement VDI and DaaS without legacy management overhead

43. Ensure license compliance for all users and all apps on all Windows infrastructure

44. Industry’s simplest version control and rollback on application updates

45. Control printer visibility in any Windows based environment

46. No sequencing or repackaging, ever

47. Simplify your environment to ease transitions to virtual desktops and DaaS

48. Extend the functionality of your Symantec Endpoint Virtualization solution

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